Kid Stuff magazines LOVES to work with local businesses, organizations, associations and kids of all ages. We encourage your submissions! Contacting the editor with a specific pitch (or idea) is always best. Here are some guidelines:

ONE: We are typically working 6 months in advance. So if it is summer time, we are scheduling/assigning winter stories. Or, we can schedule your story for NEXT summer.

TWO: For businesses: articles are not sales pieces. They are educational articles for parents, families and caregivers. Please write your article accordingly. (The “sales” is the two to three line bio at the end of the article, which can be about your, your business and include a website or contact information.)

THREE: Kids, you let us know what topic you’d like to tackle. We’ve had kids interview local businesses, write about their volunteer experiences, and illustrate articles (yes, we look for artists and photographers, too). We can also assign a story depending on your interests.

FOUR: Most articles are about 500 words. Please include a title, your byline (your full name) and your bio. Subheads are wonderful, and so are bullets. We also love top 10 lists. Please submit your article as inline text (text in an email) and attach a word file with little to no formatting.

Any questions, thoughts, ideas: please email

We look forward to working with you!