Upper Valley Ghost Stories

Upper Valley Ghost Stories

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Ghost stories and Halloween go hand in hand. Here are some spooky tales that take place right here in the Upper Valley.

Compiled by Laura Jean Whitcomb

Sure, everyone knows Halloween is the time for costumes and candy. But did you know that it’s also a time for honoring the dead? Halloween has roots in the Christian observances of All Hallows’ Eve (or All Saints’ Eve), three days dedicated to remembering the deceased. Although none of the ghosts in this article are martyrs or saints, the Upper Valley has quite a few of the faithfully departed still roaming the earth. If you’re in the mood for a spooky story, read on.

Claremont, N.H.
Topstone Mill

Topstone Mill, a former shoe and furniture manufacturing plant, was empty for years until new residents turned the bottom floors into an eatery in 2006. But people have been bitten by invisible teeth, had objects thrown at them, heard footsteps and seen apparitions through the windows.

The mill, built in 1901, was featured in season 8, episode 20 of Ghost Hunters in 2012. Titled “Fear Factory” the show says that “the owner claimed he was bitten and scratched by some type of entity and a ladder he uses tends to shake for no reason when he is on it. Employees have reported items being thrown to the ground, seeing shadow figures, hearing whispers in empty rooms, and hearing footsteps coming from the empty floors above. Finally, visitors have reported seeing ‘people’ standing in the windows of the upper floors of the factory….floors where nobody was supposed to be.” All of the show’s ghost hunters had experiences at the mill, but none could be explained.

Checking in with Nick Koloski, owner of the Escape Factory and Time-Out Americana Grille, there is “always something happening. We commonly are arguing with electronics and kindly asking thin air to please stop turning on the kitchen light,” he says. “Something knocked over an escape room prop in one of our new rooms that freaked out staff. We tried to replicate it, but can’t.”

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