Winners of the First Annual Kid Stuff Photo Contest

Winners of the First Annual Kid Stuff Photo Contest

It was a last-minute decision to hold a photo contest, and a deadline that coincided with the back-to-school season didn’t help. But Kid Stuff received some wonderful photos from kids age 10 to 21. We’re really proud of the entries, and you should be, too. Here are the winners of the first annual Kid Stuff Photo Contest.


Chess in the Big Wide Open
Marlynn Paige, 14, Lebanon, N.H.

Chess in the Big Wide Open by Marlynn Paige

Judge Jared Beerman: The black and white of the games are a great contrast to the blue and green of nature. I enjoy how the chess set is ready for a game to start while the checkers game is in progress.
Judge Todd Matte: This photo displays an interesting diversity of shapes from the oversized, organic chess pieces to the geometric pattern of the boards. This is repeated with the geometry of the wall contrasted with the organic treeline and sky.

Wentworth Building at Dusk
Guillem Elizalde, 10, Hanover, N.H.

Wentworth Building at Dusk by Guillem Elizalde

Judge Todd Matte: I enjoyed how the trees create a natural frame in the photograph and help lead my eyes to the beautiful building and the orange sky.


Runaway Balloon
Brent Paige, 10, Lebanon, N.H.

Runaway Balloon by Brent Paige

Judge Todd Matte: The photographer was able to capture how the dark silhouette of the balloon stands apart from the dramatic, textured sky. The contrast of these two elements, paired with the difficulty of photographing subjects that are far away, make this a great shot.
Judge Jared Beerman: The dark shadow of the hot air balloon against unique clouds make a great combination. This photo really conveys a sense of adventure.

Too Good to be True
Tori Wooten, 12, Herndon, Virginia

Too Good to Be True by Tori Wooten

Judge Todd Matte: This photo pops in a great way. The luxurious color and texture on the strawberries pair with the fabulous shallow depth of field that draws your eyes to the great details in the photo.


Zebra Affection
Kyle Grohbrugge, 21, Grantham, N.H.

Zebra Affection by Kyle Grohbrugge

Judge Jared Beerman: A fantastic photo of two zebras embracing. Being able to see both faces make this photo a once in a lifetime capture!

Runner Up
Quiet River
Guillem Elizalde, 10, Hanover, N.H.

Quiet River by Guillem Elizalde

Judge Todd Matte: I love how the river pulls my eye through the landscape. The rippling reflection of the sky is beautiful.


Claire Falcone, 14, Plainfield, N.H.

Judge Jared Beerman: An excellent black and white photo. The ram is crystal clear with amazing detail in the wool.
Judge Todd Matte: The choice to photograph this image in black and white creates a harmony and allows you to see details that might be obscured or overlooked in color.

Runner Up
Faye Hastings, 10, Grantham, N.H.

Cooper by Faye Hastings

Judge Todd Matte: The sharp and crisp lines in this photograph capture a sweetness and curiosity in Cooper. The natural light coming in highlights Cooper perfectly.

Meet the Judges

Jared Beerman is an amateur photographer, focusing on wildlife, landscapes and action figures. He is a five-time award winner in the Elden Murray photo contest in Hanover, N.H. His work can be viewed at or on Instagram @beermanphotography

Todd Matte is the digital arts teacher at Lebanon High School in Lebanon, N.H. He is interested in helping young people turn from purely consumers of digital media to producers of digital media. He has a master’s in digital media, and is a working artist. His photographs, videos and multimedia paintings can be seen at

Laura Jean Whitcomb is the publisher/editor/owner of Kearsarge Magazine and Kid Stuff magazine. She’s probably viewed, reviewed, rejected, selected — and even taken — hundreds of thousands of photographs for publication for the past 15 years.

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