Vermont’s Bats: Why We Should Care

These misunderstood creatures are an important part of our ecosystem. By Sarah Strew, Lead Nature Camp and Adult Programs, VINS Bats have one of the worst reputations in the animal…

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Owls: Night Specters

By Wendy Lilly-Hansen Do you know what happens at night in the wild? Of course, lots of critters are busy foraging for food while you are sleeping, but let’s talk about…

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Local Parent Writes STEM Books

By Hayley Durfor Scientific literacy is more important than ever in our modern, STEM-driven economy. Science, technology, engineering and mathematics dominate secondary education. Intended for playful young readers age 5…

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Feature: Starry, Starry Night

 By Laurie D. Morrissey If you like stargazing, you’re in the right place. The Upper Valley has little light pollution, making it one of the best places to observe the…

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Outside: Let’s Go Fishing!

Spring is a great time to introduce a child to the art of angling By Tim Traver Children and fishing: it’s a natural combination. Sure, fishing can be slimy, muddy,…

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Name that Frog

By Laura Jean Whitcomb Did you know that there are 10 species of frogs native to New Hampshire? The New Hampshire Fish and Game Department does, and shares information about…

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