More Than Words

Adult Reading Buddies Enhance Communication, Literacy Skills in Children By Susan Cunningham “Amazing and spectacular!” That’s what students Reilly Mitchell, Carter Stevens, and Lauren Fellows say about the EverybodyWinsVT Power…

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Technology Distractions

iPhones, iPads, iTunes, iPods…I STUDY? By Stern Center for Language and Learning Distractions have crept their way into our lifestyles for better or for worse. And as great as they…

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After School at The Haven

By Laura Jean Whitcomb The house is quiet — until 3 p.m. Then the kids arrive from Hartford, Bradford, Lebanon, Enfield, Canaan and Claremont. Soon Bev’s House is bustling with…

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Tips from Tutors and Teachers

It is back to school and back to the books. We asked local tutors and teachers for some ideas to help children be successful students. My kids used to ask…

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Local Parent Writes STEM Books

By Hayley Durfor Scientific literacy is more important than ever in our modern, STEM-driven economy. Science, technology, engineering and mathematics dominate secondary education. Intended for playful young readers age 5…

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The Importance of Play at All Ages

What may look like meaningless, inconsequential fun is actually a serious and essential childhood endeavor. By Susan Cowan Morse Play is often talked about as if it were a relief…

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Local Author: Tutti’s Promise
The book cover

Local Author: Tutti’s Promise

With middle school readers in mind, a Holocaust survivor’s daughter tells her mother’s moving story. By Kim J. Gifford It is the quintessential question asked of writers: where do your…

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Who Needs Cursive, Anyway?

As we write less and tap more, the results are not necessarily what we expect. By Kim J. Gifford The name “John Hancock” and his distinctly large script on The…

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