Hello, Friends
The Friendship Book by Mary Lyn Ray

Hello, Friends

New Hampshire author’s new book showcases the many ways you can be a friend. By Laura Jean Whitcomb Sometimes you immediately know: this person is going to be my friend.…

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Love at First Rhyme

Author and poet Tim Fortier has written a fun book for kids — and it’s just the first of many! By Laura Jean Whitcomb Can you imagine…Japanese beetles sumo wrestling?…

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Grantham’s Historical Places

Take an illustrated tour through the past with Grantham, N.H.’s living history. By Hayley Durfor Grantham’s Historical Places — a book by the Grantham Historical Society, Missy Walla and Sue…

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Hogwarts Homecoming

Don’t tell the Daily Prophet reporters. Just find a spot on Platform 9¾ and make your way to the Hogwarts Homecoming in Haverhill. N.H.! By Laura Jean WhitcombPhotos courtesy of…

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Normal Conflict, or Bullying?

By Kris Widmann Relational aggression is a form of bullying that involves the way people use their power in relationships to control others. It is behavior that is meant to…

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More Than Words

Adult Reading Buddies Enhance Communication, Literacy Skills in Children By Susan Cunningham “Amazing and spectacular!” That’s what students Reilly Mitchell, Carter Stevens, and Lauren Fellows say about the EverybodyWinsVT Power…

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Local Parent Writes STEM Books

By Hayley Durfor Scientific literacy is more important than ever in our modern, STEM-driven economy. Science, technology, engineering and mathematics dominate secondary education. Intended for playful young readers age 5…

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Local Author: Tutti’s Promise
The book cover

Local Author: Tutti’s Promise

With middle school readers in mind, a Holocaust survivor’s daughter tells her mother’s moving story. By Kim J. Gifford It is the quintessential question asked of writers: where do your…

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