Art Smart: Black Out Poetry

Circle, cross out, scribble and doodle to create a visual piece of poetry. By Laura Jean Whitcomb I love to doodle (and Zentangle) and draw cartoons. Pinterest knows this. So…

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From Trash to Tulips

Searching for new art projects for your little ones? Just look around. Raw materials are at arm’s length By Ann St. Martin Stout Replacing an empty toilet paper roll is…

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Make Your Own Baby Food

Text and photography by Brianna Marino The choices for baby food are downright overwhelming. A glance down the baby goods aisle at any grocery store is enough to leave your…

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Make it: Lotion Bars

What’s a lotion bar? It’s lotion, but in a molded shape, that melts on contact with your skin. Ingredients: 1 ounce beeswax 1 ounce cocoa butter 1 ounce coconut oil…

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Make it: Homemade Vanilla

Ingredients: Cheap vodka or brandy Vanilla beans Directions: Find jars that you want to use — you could order vanilla bottles from Amazon, use recycled glass jars or use canning…

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