Hello, Friends
The Friendship Book by Mary Lyn Ray

Hello, Friends

New Hampshire author’s new book showcases the many ways you can be a friend. By Laura Jean Whitcomb Sometimes you immediately know: this person is going to be my friend.…

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Coping during Coronavirus

There’s nothing like a pandemic to make kids of all ages feel anxious. Here are a few coping strategies. By Laura Jean Whitcomb Your heart races. You break out in…

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Seeing Red, Feeling Blue: Color and Emotion in Art

Written by Karen Rodis, ArtisTree Programming DirectorLesson Plan by Finnie Trimpi, ArtisTree Outreach CoordinatorPhotography by Marie Cross, ArtisTree Marketing Director When you’re little, feelings are a big deal. Children —…

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Normal Conflict, or Bullying?

By Kris Widmann Relational aggression is a form of bullying that involves the way people use their power in relationships to control others. It is behavior that is meant to…

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Toddler Tantrums

What to do when you want to cry, too By Andi Diehn About six years ago I found myself in the constant company of a 2 year old with strong…

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Addressing Picky Eating

By Alexa Trolley-Hanson “Ewww...I don’t like that!” This phrase is enough to make any parent’s hair stand on end. In today’s busy world, mealtimes are stressful enough without arguments about…

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Temper Tantrums

Why are they happening — and how to deal with them when they do. By Dr. Sachi Horback Any parent of young children will relate to this experience: My family…

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How to: De-stress

A class, meditation, essential oils — follow a mom’s quest to find peace and tranquility during a busy week of work and family. By Laura Jean Whitcomb “Stress has become…

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