Hello, Friends
The Friendship Book by Mary Lyn Ray

Hello, Friends

New Hampshire author’s new book showcases the many ways you can be a friend. By Laura Jean Whitcomb Sometimes you immediately know: this person is going to be my friend.…

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Keeping Kids Safe and Coexisting with Coronavirus
Dr. Sam Ogden, pediatrician at Alice Peck Day Hospital in Lebanon, N.H.

Keeping Kids Safe and Coexisting with Coronavirus

By Dr. Sam Ogden, Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital The coronavirus pandemic has changed so many things in the lives of our patients and the people in our community. At…

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Coping during Coronavirus

There’s nothing like a pandemic to make kids of all ages feel anxious. Here are a few coping strategies. By Laura Jean Whitcomb Your heart races. You break out in…

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Every Body Is a Good Body

It's important to teach children to celebrate all types of bodies — especially their own. By Erin Wetherell “It’s so hard trying to love yourself in a world that doesn’t…

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Seeing Red, Feeling Blue: Color and Emotion in Art

Written by Karen Rodis, ArtisTree Programming DirectorLesson Plan by Finnie Trimpi, ArtisTree Outreach CoordinatorPhotography by Marie Cross, ArtisTree Marketing Director When you’re little, feelings are a big deal. Children —…

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E-cigarettes and Vaping

Contrary to popular belief, vaping is not safe for anyone, but especially for youth and adolescents. By Amy Cranage The Food and Drug Administration says that in 2019 more than…

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A Visit to the Eye Doctor

When should your child see an eye doctor? Kid Stuff asks White River Family & Hanover Eyecare. By Laura Jean Whitcomb An eyechart isn’t enough, says Dr. Eugene (Rusty) Bernal…

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Spring Safety Tips

By Emma Wunsch Ahhh, signs warning of frost heaves, giant melted snow puddles in parking lots, and mud, mud, mud. Welcome to spring in the Upper Valley. While snow-free days…

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Deeper Learning

The journey of schooling requires deeper learning, a teaching method more complex than textbooks or lectures. By Kristen Downey, Upper Valley Educators Institute School is back in session, and teachers…

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The First Tooth

For some babies, teething is a breeze. For others, not so much. By Brianna Marino Babies are cute. They are adorable. It is awe inspiring how such a little human…

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