Sunapee Empty Bowls Dinner

Every November, students raise funds for the local food pantry and raise awareness about world hunger. By Laura Jean Whitcomb Photography by Lucy Thompson Homemade soup in a homemade bowl,…

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E-cigarettes and Vaping

Contrary to popular belief, vaping is not safe for anyone, but especially for youth and adolescents. By Amy Cranage The Food and Drug Administration says that in 2019 more than…

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Cookies for a Cause

Aurora Bakery in Newport, N.H., helps teens and adults with different abilities learn job skills — and bake up some tasty treats. By Brianna Marino Nestled behind a charming courtyard…

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Deeper Learning

The journey of schooling requires deeper learning, a teaching method more complex than textbooks or lectures. By Kristen Downey, Upper Valley Educators Institute School is back in session, and teachers…

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My Permanently Altered Life
Emma shares her experience after her hearing loss diagnosis.

My Permanently Altered Life

By Emma Cranage I grew up without a disability. So when I walked into an audiology appointment wanting nothing more than to disprove my suspicion of hearing loss, my life…

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Childhood Hearing Loss
Emma shares her experience after her hearing loss diagnosis.

Childhood Hearing Loss

By Amy Cranage It was a gray October afternoon when our daughter, Emma, was a freshman in high school. Recently, she had been especially quiet; there had been some bumps…

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Tips for Writing the College Essay

By Deborah McKew Gretchen studied her list of possible essay topics. She could write about her three months in New Zealand working on organic farms, the gap year she spent…

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Teaching Manners

By Rosanna Dude The approaching holiday season is an ideal opportunity to emphasize manners, thoughtfulness, respect and gratitude. This time of year is full of large family get-togethers, gift exchanges…

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