The First Tooth

For some babies, teething is a breeze. For others, not so much. By Brianna Marino Babies are cute. They are adorable. It is awe inspiring how such a little human…

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Childhood Hearing Loss
Emma shares her experience after her hearing loss diagnosis.

Childhood Hearing Loss

By Amy Cranage It was a gray October afternoon when our daughter, Emma, was a freshman in high school. Recently, she had been especially quiet; there had been some bumps…

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Putting Your Papers in Order

By Emma Wunsch With an EpiPen always in your bag, granola bars stashed in the car and the Boo Boo Buddy in the freezer, you’re the picture of a prepared…

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The Learned Art of Breastfeeding

By Suzanne Greeley I often hear from new mothers that they are amazed at how something that is supposed to be so natural and beautiful could feel so uncomfortable and…

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Natural Birth, or Not?

By Karen Schwendler When I was pregnant with my first born, the initial reasons for having a natural birth were pretty straight forward: I was scared to death of needles…

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Is Your Home Safe for Children?

By Victoria Davis You want to be an ace parent and provide a clean home for your children. You use cleaning products that promise all kinds of benefits, such as…

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Temper Tantrums

Why are they happening — and how to deal with them when they do. By Dr. Sachi Horback Any parent of young children will relate to this experience: My family…

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Make Your Own Baby Food

Text and photography by Brianna Marino The choices for baby food are downright overwhelming. A glance down the baby goods aisle at any grocery store is enough to leave your…

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