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Kid Stuff Winter 2020-21

This quarterly regional parenting magazine has educational articles; art projects; family friendly activities in New Hampshire and Vermont; profiles of local businesses and organizations; and a seasonal calendar. Everything is written (and photographed) by local parents and local experts.

Since 2008, Kid Stuff has shared stories and information for, by, and about Upper Valley families.

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What’s New

Stern Center’s E-learning Program

By now, everyone is familiar with the concept of e-learning. But the Stern Center for Language and Learning has offered online learning since 2018. By Kim J. Gifford For 36 years, the Stern Center for Language and Learning has been dedicated to helping students identify their learning strengths and challenges and subsequently provide customized strategies…

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Youth Beatz

Rich Regione teaches kids more than drumming — he teaches unity and the benefits of teamwork. By Barbra Alan Drums have been around for a very long time — as far back as 6000 BCE. The earliest drums were made from hollowed-out tree trunks, covered with the skins of a reptile or fish, and played…

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