Kids Can Cartoon!

Graduate students at the Center for Cartoon Studies share their skills and enthusiasm for comic art with Upper Valley youth. By Bridgett Taylor Cartoons and kids are a natural fit; the dominance of superhero costumes every Halloween is proof that comic book characters are popular with children. But the appeal of comics is more than […]

Tutti’s Promise

Tutti’s Promise With middle school readers in mind, a Holocaust survivor’s daughter tells her mother’s moving story. By Kim J. Gifford It is the quintessential question asked of writers: where do your ideas come from? For K. Heidi Fishman the answer not only comes easily, but she can pinpoint the exact moment the idea came […]

Fiona Greenough, founder of It Happens

It Happens. Young nonprofit founder, Fiona Greenough, is changing the world “one tampon at a time.” By Leigh Ann Root Unavoidable things happen in life. What also happens — through kindness, awareness and determination — is the development of a great kid. Fiona Greenough, 17, of Meriden, N.H., who founded It Happens. when she was […]