The Union Arena Community Center

By Laura Jean Whitcomb The parking lot is huge. The brick building seems even bigger. The entrance, with its four white columns, feels a bit imposing. But walk through the glass doors of the Union Arena Community Center in Woodstock, Vt., and you’re standing in a cozy waiting area. Concession stand to the left, tables […]

Mountain Meadow Funplex (formerly Competition Complex)

Play Hard, Have Fun By Laura Jean Whitcomb Joe Roberts II had an idea for an indoor activity center 15 years ago. The Grafton, N.H., resident envisioned a place where families could spend the day playing games and sports. Roberts, already a businessman with several companies, asked his marketing department for a demographic analysis of […]

Art Smart: From Trash to Tulips

Searching for new art projects for your little ones? 
Just look around. Raw materials are at arm’s length. Text and Photography By Ann St. Martin Stout Replacing an empty toilet paper roll is not a creative task, but that little brown tube has lots of artistic potential. In this project, empty paper towel or toilet […]