How to: Make Allowances Work

By Barbra Alan At some point, your child may approach you about receiving an allowance. This is something you should be prepared for, because your child will be. She may have all kinds of ideas as to how much she thinks she should get and what kinds of chores she’s willing to do for it. […]

How to: Choose a Ballet School

Here are 5 tips to help you find the right fit for your child By Deb German Your young daughter is begging for ballet lessons, but when you investigate local venues for dance training you find widely divergent choices. How do you choose the right ballet school, especially if you do not have a background […]

When (and How) to Treat a Child’s Fever

WELLNESS When (and How) to Treat a Child’s Fever By Michael Lyons, M.D. When is a child’s fever something to worry about? When is it NOT okay to watch and wait at home? These questions perplex almost all parents (often in the middle of the night). The following guidelines can help your decision-making during a […]

Outside: Let’s Go Fishing!

Spring is a great time to introduce a child to the art of angling By Tim Traver Children and fishing: it’s a natural combination. Sure, fishing can be slimy, muddy, wet and even scary when a child first feels a tug on the line. But, from a kid’s point of view, what could be more […]

Name that Frog

By Laura Jean Whitcomb Did you know that there are 10 species of frogs native to New Hampshire? The New Hampshire Fish and Game Department does, and shares information about these species — from American toad to Fowler’s toad — on their website. The Fish and Game’s Nongame and Endangered Wildlife Program also produces a […]

The Union Arena Community Center

By Laura Jean Whitcomb The parking lot is huge. The brick building seems even bigger. The entrance, with its four white columns, feels a bit imposing. But walk through the glass doors of the Union Arena Community Center in Woodstock, Vt., and you’re standing in a cozy waiting area. Concession stand to the left, tables […]

Mountain Meadow Funplex (formerly Competition Complex)

Play Hard, Have Fun By Laura Jean Whitcomb Joe Roberts II had an idea for an indoor activity center 15 years ago. The Grafton, N.H., resident envisioned a place where families could spend the day playing games and sports. Roberts, already a businessman with several companies, asked his marketing department for a demographic analysis of […]