Feature: If the Shoe Fits

By Matt Golec Melanie Michel of Norwich, Vt., misses The Shoetorium. The venerable full-service shoe store in Lebanon, N.H., was where Michel used to take her two kids — Winston, 9, and Lily, 4 — to be fitted for shoes. But the Shoetorium closed last November after 45 years in the business, leaving parents like […]

Ask the Expert: What to Do If Your Child “Hates” School

Promptly identify the cause and nip it in the bud By Susan Cowan Morse It is autumn in New England, where we enjoy the happy return of crisp morning air, the honks of departing geese, the landscape’s changing colors — and a new school year. For many, a new school year is exciting and marked […]

Poison Ivy Dermatitis

Poison Ivy Dermatitis Prevention and treatment of exposure to the dreaded “leaves of three” By Angela Toms, M.D. In our part of the world, after the mud dries up and the temperature rises, we are elated to see the sun shine and the grass turn green. To treat our cabin fever, we venture outside into […]

Pixels & Bricks

Pixels & Bricks Congenial Randolph, Vt., venue draws kids inside for everyday fun By Kim J. Gifford If “rainy day fun” used to mean time spent indoors playing Monopoly™, Bingo™, or Chutes and Ladders™, then it’s a brand new day. While traditional board games can still be a lot of fun, today’s game has been […]

Summer Fun

  Originally published in Summer 2016 JUNE – International Mud Day By Laura Jean Whitcomb Gooey, messy, squishy mud. It’s fun to play in, and on one day in June you can dive into the mud for a great reason: to connect children around the globe through the earth. International Mud Day (June 29) is […]

Local: A Newbie’s Guide to the Upper Valley

Summer is the best time for newcomers to explore the Upper Valley By Marcos Stafne, Ph.D. Being new to the Upper Valley last spring, I was pleasantly surprised at the numerous cultural resources that come alive when the weather warms up. Here are a few family friendly picks that I highly recommend. Get Your Feet […]

How to: De-stress

A class, meditation, essential oils — follow a mom’s quest to find peace and tranquility during a busy week of work and family. By Laura Jean Whitcomb “Stress has become a part of everyday life,” says Allison DeStefano. “It has become a badge of honor to be stressed…but, at the same time, it’s killing us. […]

Pediatric practice gives out free books to kids

Reading as Medicine Pediatric practice gives out free books to kids By Matt Golec Brother and sister team Dillin and Morgan Reed are picking out books. There are lots of choices in the giant, well-organized bookcases and the siblings from Baltimore, Vt., take their time poring over covers and showing off possible titles to take […]