Kids Can Cartoon!

Graduate students at the Center for Cartoon Studies share their skills and enthusiasm for comic art with Upper Valley youth. By Bridgett Taylor Cartoons and kids are a natural fit; the dominance of superhero costumes every Halloween is proof that comic book characters are popular with children. But the appeal of comics is more than […]

Art Smart: From Trash to Tulips

Searching for new art projects for your little ones? 
Just look around. Raw materials are at arm’s length. Text and Photography By Ann St. Martin Stout Replacing an empty toilet paper roll is not a creative task, but that little brown tube has lots of artistic potential. In this project, empty paper towel or toilet […]

Paper Mache Maracas

By Annie Ballin Who doesn’t love the way a beat gets us up and moving! Better yet, who doesn’t love to make music? The word “rhythm” comes from the Greek word rhythmos, a term that describes symmetry or a regular recurring motion with both strong and weak elements. Think heartbeat, patterns and cyclical frequency. Why […]

Art Smart: Your Own Summer Art Studio

By Annie Ballin Ahh…the lazy days of summer shouldn’t equate to lazy children! During the summer kids have the time to use their imaginations freely. Don’t let television dominate their waking hours, and scrap the idea of endless hours with Nintendos or Xboxes. Instead, give up a little space for a summer art studio. During […]